Child Welfare System


Ready to Work: L.A.’s Systems-Involved Youth Build Careers

During a recent St. Anne’s meeting for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Los Angeles, seven students learned the difference between a resume and a cover letter. It is a particularly important distinction for these young women, all between the ages of 15 and 18, who are trying to juggle parenting and high school with their eventual careers.


Bill That Would Close Loophole for Crossover Youth Advances

A California Senate bill aimed at boosting benefits to foster youth involved with the juvenile justice system was amended on Tuesday to ensure that those youth who were in secure confinement on their 18th birthday would not be stripped of extended foster care benefits.


Foster Mother’s Day 2015

The biggest day on Los Angeles’ child welfare calendar shows what foster care is really about. When many people think about foster care, their thoughts immediately go to the heart wrenching headlines they read in the newspaper.


New Bill Would Have Foster Youth Evaluate Their Placements

By Kuaikuai Wei Research has shown that more than 60 percent of children who have been in foster care at least two years have moved two or more times in the system.


Bill to Extend Foster Care Benefits for Probation Youth Clears Calif. Senate Committee

By Sawsan Morrar The California Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill to widen the door on extended foster care to probation-involved youth yesterday. Senate Bill 12, introduced by Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) would make sure foster youth who were in a locked facility on their 18th birthday and larger numbers of youth who are involved with the probation system can access foster care benefits from age 18 to 21.


Study Suggests Emotional Abuse is as Damaging as Physical and Sexual Abuse

By Sara Oon “I wish you were never born.” Such a simple phrase, yet capable of causing deeper, long-lasting scars in children than bruises and broken bones, according to a study published in January.


    Getting to the Heart of Foster Children’s Problems

    This article is adapted from an earlier piece that ran in the San Jose Mercury News. By Adam Pertman and Graham Wright It is heartening to hear that California’s Legislature may finally address the chronic overuse of psychotropic medications for children in foster care in that state, a problem that unfortunately exists from coast to coast.


    America’s Failed Child Welfare System Leaves Kids Out in the Cold?

    In Chicago, two girls were trapped in abusive foster homes for years because of a clerical error. In New Mexico’s Bernalillo County, 53 child abuse and neglect cases were reported within a 58-day period, with the county on track to double the previous year’s child abuse caseload.


    Parity in Sight for Relative Caregivers, but Counties Must Act

    By Tim Morrison In June, Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature set aside $30 million to end California’s sad distinction as the only state in the country where foster children placed with relatives do not receive state foster care benefits.