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Workforce Capacity Issues Aren’t Going Away. It’s Time to Plan Accordingly

Kelly Harder argues that instead of hand wringing about turnover, it's time to accept it and adjust


Texas Bill To Increase Rights for Parents Under Investigation Passes State House and Senate

A Texas bill that aims to improve due process protections for parents involved in child welfare cases is headed to the governor's' desk.

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Family First, Five Years In: Outside Safety Net Services Needed to Prevent Foster Care, Expert Panel Says 

Five years after the Family First Act, experts said the next phase will rely on safety net services outside the child welfare system. 


Protecting Children and Healing Families, One Native Auntie at a Time

The My Two Aunties program helps keep Native children out of foster care and ensure families remain safe and intact.

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Child Welfare Workers Can’t Learn from History if It Isn’t Taught

Paul DiLorenzo writes about the lack of effort to educate the modern child welfare workforce about the history preceding them

As New York legalizes marijuana, parent advocates push child welfare agencies to be less punitive


New York Child Welfare Workers Illegally Separated Newborn From His Mother Over Cannabis Allegations, Lawsuit Alleges

A federal lawsuit alleges a mother was separated from her newborn solely on the basis of a non-consensual marijuana drug test.

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    Upstream City: Child Welfare Systems Should Be Allies, Not Leaders, in Transformative Change

    An “upstream” approach should not be an argument for expanding the size or scope of child welfare systems, writes Nora McCarthy.


    Foster Care’s Conflicting Policies For Sexual and Reproductive Health 

    HIGH STAKES, SILENT SYSTEMS: Part two of The Imprint's investigation finds some child welfare policies at odds with minors' rights to abortion and birth control.


    New York Attorneys and Human Service Workers Get Pay Increase in $229 Billion Budget

    New York's $229 billion budget includes pay increases for attorneys representing low-income residents and human services workers.