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What We’ve Learned About The Child Brain

Dr. Damien Fair, director of the Masonic Institute of the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota Medical School, was recently awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. Photo courtesy of the MacArthur Foundation
Since he first began studying the brain in stroke patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, cognitive neuroscientist Damien Fair has become a star in the field of pediatric and adolescent brain development.


Legal Victory for Native Communities in Washington State Child Welfare Case

Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis is the first Native American justice to serve on the Washington Supreme Court. Photo courtesy of the Office of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee.
Citing the devastating history of the government-sponsored destruction of Native families, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that courts must use “a broad interpretation” in determining whether children facing removal from their parents have American Indian heritage. 


The Need for Extraordinary Efforts: Time of Crisis Reveal a System’s Values

Consider this scenario, likely to repeat itself across the country. In a month or two or more from now, my client will appear before a juvenile court judge for the first time since the coronavirus crisis forced courts to close their doors.


‘Your Father is as Worthless as Your Mother’

“Your father is as worthless as your mother.” Those words – said by a caseworker to a 13-year-old child whose parents were addicted to heroin – jumped out at me as I read the case file.

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The ‘20s and Youth Services: A Guess at What Comes Next

The last calendar year of the ‘10s has come and gone, and the fields of child welfare and juvenile justice move on to a new decade. For the past two weeks, The Imprint has counted down some of our top storylines from 2019.


In California, Cautious Optimism About Better Collaboration on Kids Under Newsom

California advocates and policymakers are guardedly hopeful that the new governor will walk the walk when it comes to responding to child trauma and mental health challenges for children in the state.

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    Mentoring Presents a Real Opportunity in Addressing Childhood Trauma

    In the late 1990s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente published a landmark study showing that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have a long-lasting negative impact on a person’s overall health and well-being as they enter adulthood.


    California’s Surgeon General Readies Statewide Screening for Child Trauma

    Soon after being appointed California’s first-ever surgeon general, Nadine Burke Harris took off on a barnstorming tour across the state to talk about adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress, an issue she calls “the biggest public health crisis facing California today.”


    Languishing in Residential Care Made Me Worse. Unconditional Love Helped Get Me Better.

    People talk a lot about how important it is that every foster kid grows up in a loving home. While well intentioned, most of them are approaching that idea from an abstract understanding.