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Let the Child Tax Credit Work

Congress could drastically reduce the child poverty rate by making permanent the Child Tax Credit. The benefits far outweigh the costs, write Ian Berlin and William G. Gale.

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Looming Questions, 2022 edition


Looming Questions, 2022 Edition

As we approach year three of the coronavirus pandemic, here are child welfare and youth justice stories Youth Services Insider is watching.

Guaranteed income projects put California on the path to economic equity


Guaranteed Income Projects Put California on the Path to Economic Equity

California is on the right track to fundamentally restructure our state economy into one that prioritizes shared prosperity over the hoarding of individual wealth.

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Web-based Tools Help Claims for Tax Credits, Advance Payments


New Web-based Tools Process Claims for Tax Credits, Advance Payments

The government has launched a pair of new web portals to help families manage and track advance monthly payments of their child tax credits.


New York Lawmakers Mount Last-Minute Effort to Permanently Expand State Child Tax Credit

In a bid to combat child poverty, New York lawmakers introduced a bill to permanently expand the Empire State Child tax credit.


Democrats, Including 2020 Candidates, Jump On Massive Expansion of Child Tax Credit

It is often posited that child protection agencies are prone to confuse poverty with neglect, unnecessarily involving families with the courts and foster care. A new bill introduced by several Democrats yesterday would attempt to remove that possibility in more cases by supplying more parents with cash assistance.