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For the First Time, Feds Will Fully Fund Tribal Child Support Collections

Under a new rule released by the Biden administration, tribes will no longer share the costs of child support collections.


California Stops Charging Parents for Their Kids in Foster Care, and Eliminates Arrears

California officials have directed local child welfare agencies to stop collecting child support from parents with kids in foster care.


Billing Parents for Their Children’s Foster Care? One California Lawmaker Says No

California parents fighting to reunify with their kids in foster care face an arduous path. They must appear at numerous court hearings, complete hours of classes, and attend all scheduled visitations — often while finding housing, separating from abusive partners and kicking drug habits.

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Washington Will Stop Using Child Support to Fund Foster Care


Washington Will Stop Using Child Support to Fund Foster Care

Effective this month, Washington state will end the practice of using child support to finance foster care stays.


Reduce the Number of CPS Families Required to Pay for Foster Care

In California and other states, many parents must pay for their children’s stay in foster care. Based on evidence, the law should be abandoned, writes Jill Duerr Berrick for CalMatters.

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Coming Soon to Congress: Discussion on Child Support Clawback

With a lame duck session approaching and little oxygen left for legislating in Washington, the Strengthening Families for Success Act introduced last week is largely a conversation starter for the 117th Congress set to be sworn in this January.


    Pandemic Court Closures Limit Protections For Domestic Violence Victims

    The United Nations Secretary-General pleaded with nations around the world to make domestic violence a priority for coronavirus pandemic response last week. But for victims in New York, avenues for relief remain narrow, especially in the courts.