Child Protective Services (CPS)

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Image showing anti-poverty effect of cash benefits.


Study: Anti-Poverty Policies Could Deter CPS Investigations, Decrease Racial Disparities

Programs to decrease child poverty could lead to far fewer families investigated by child welfare systems, a new study has concluded. 


Reduce the Number of CPS Families Required to Pay for Foster Care

In California and other states, many parents must pay for their children’s stay in foster care. Based on evidence, the law should be abandoned, writes Jill Duerr Berrick for CalMatters.

After High Number of Child Deaths, Maine Lawmakers, Governor Push Reform


After High Number of Child Deaths, Maine Lawmakers, Governor Push for Solutions

A month after Maine Gov. Janet Mills proposed a plan to improve child protective services, legislators endorsed bills this week with the same goal.


We Shouldn’t Rely on Child Protective Services To Address Family Adversity

Researcher Kelley Fong, Georgia Tech University
For many parents, it’s their worst fear: a knock on the door from a state social worker with the power to take their children. With 1 in 3 children nationwide experiencing a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation during childhood following a report of child maltreatment, this experience is all too common for U.S.


Study Suggests Emotional Abuse is as Damaging as Physical and Sexual Abuse

By Sara Oon “I wish you were never born.” Such a simple phrase, yet capable of causing deeper, long-lasting scars in children than bruises and broken bones, according to a study published in January.