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New York Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bill to Limit State’s Abuse and Neglect Registry

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) vetoed legislation late last week that would have expanded due process safeguards for parents accused of abusing or neglecting their children. The bill would have significantly reduced the time parents’ names must remain on a state database of child abuse and neglect claims.


The Harmful Effects of New York City’s Over-Surveillance

In recent years, New York City’s child welfare leadership has proudly told the story of how the system has dramatically reduced the number of children in foster care while maintaining child safety.


Failure to Track Risk is a Fatal Flaw in Child Protection

The vast majority of children served by child protection agencies are served while remaining in their own families. It is very rare that they are fatally injured while being served. Yet each time a fatality does occur on an open intact family case, critics argue that these efforts risk children’s lives.


From Human Error to Organizational Resilience: Proactively Managing Safety in Child Welfare

Nothing shakes the fabric of a child protection agency like a death caused by abuse or neglect in a family that it knew about. To the surrounding world, the agency has failed in its primary mission, keeping a child safe.


Five Things Child Welfare Must Learn from the Field of Safety Science

  Following disastrous events such as Three Mile Island, the Challenger disaster, fatal airline crashes and unacceptable rates of fatalities in health care settings, the field of safety science expanded rapidly.


The NoVo Foundation Launches Major Grant Program Aimed at Stopping Sexual Exploitation

The NoVo Foundation is taking a simple approach to tackling the extremely complicated issue of sexual exploitation: decrease entrance ramps, and increase exit ramps, to “the life.” The New York-based grant maker has committed $10 million over three years to fund programs and services that help to achieve that goal.


    Minnesota Wrestles with Foster Care’s Role in Breaking up Black Families

    On Dec. 3, a 28-year-old black mother lost her parental rights to her four children – ages 1 to 9 – in a Minnesota courtroom, just outside the Twin Cities. Instead of opening presents with their mother, the children spent Christmas with a white family two hours away.

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    Planting the Political Seed: A New Fellowship to Educate State Legislators on Child Welfare

    This summer, the National Conference of State Legislatures convened its first-ever child welfare fellowship for state-level politicians. The year-long initiative, funded by national grant maker Ballmer Group, is aimed at raising the level of political leadership among state legislators on family preservation, foster care and adoption in the state house.


    Washington High Court Limits Lawyers for Foster Youth, Bans Juvenile Life Without Parole

    Not all children in child welfare cases in Washington state are entitled to a lawyer to represent them in dependency court, according to a ruling earlier this month from a divided Washington State Supreme Court.