Child Maltreatment

Illinois Foster Care Numbers Climb During Pandemic, Bucking National Trend


Illinois Foster Care Numbers Climb During Pandemic, Bucking National Trend

According to federal data, the number of children in foster care dropped in 2020 nationwide and in almost every state. Illinois was an exception.

Annual Child Well-Being Data Book Highlights Mental Health


Study: Rural Kids More Likely To Be Reported to Child Protective Services, But Why?

In the first study to compare national data on the rate of rural versus large urban child maltreatment reports, researchers found that kids living in the country are about one-third more likely to be reported to authorities, but the rate of substantiation was about the same in both settings.

As New York legalizes marijuana, parent advocates push child welfare agencies to be less punitive


As New York Legalizes Marijuana, Parent Advocates Push Child Welfare Agencies to Adapt

New York has become the 16th state to legalize recreational marijuana. And the new law makes clear that parents should not be judged for using it.

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What Do Schools Report to CPS? One State’s Experience

The vast majority of reports of child abuse and neglect emanate from adults outside a child’s family or neighborhood. Most calls come from so-called “mandated reporters,” who are required to disclose any concerns about child safety with protection officials.

With Influx of Federal Funding, New York Aims to Expand Foster Care Prevention


New York Limits Access to Parents’ Names on Child Abuse And Neglect Registry

Tucked into a budget bill signed by the New York governor Friday is new relief for parents accused of child neglect – the result of a hard-fought three-year battle to limit parents’ exposure on a state registry.

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A Shaky Start for New Data on Sex Trafficking Victims, Prenatal Drug Exposure

The federal government’s annual Child Maltreatment publication, released last month, showed a continuing trendline on the report’s central issue. The number of child maltreatment investigations has risen by nearly 10 percent since 2014 – the amount of documented abuse and neglect from those investigations has also increased, but only by about half of 1 percent.


    Reauthorizing Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act is Key to Realigning Toward Prevention

    Legislation to reauthorize the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) is moving through Congress, with the U.S. House of Representatives passing a version out of committee and the U.S. Senate marking up their version last month. 


    LAPD Child Abuse Investigations Audit Raises New Questions

    This week, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released a much-anticipated report focused on its response to the nearly 4,000 allegations of serious child abuse it had marked “no investigation” from January 2018 through June 2019.


    EXCLUSIVE: New Details Reveal How Two Social Workers Fought, But Failed, to Save 4-Year-Old Noah Cuatro

    This summer, a 4-year-old boy named Noah Cuatro was allegedly tortured and killed by his parents in Palmdale, a high desert exurb of Los Angeles County. The tragedy is still sending shockwaves through the county’s $2.9 billion child welfare agency and local government.