Chief Probation Officers of California

New York State Sued over Allegedly Dysfunctional Pediatric Mental Health Care System


California Weighs Cap on How Long Mentally Incompetent Youth Can Be Held in Juvenile Halls

With the deadline to sign legislation looming, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is considering a bill that would limit how long young people who are declared mentally unfit by a judge can be held in juvenile halls.



California Hopes to Place More Probation Youth in Foster Homes Like This

Starcania Ford’s first call came not too long after she had completed two months of background checks and trainings. Could she come and pick up a young man waiting at the juvenile delinquency court near downtown Los Angeles?


Buoyed by L.A.’s Rejection of Juvenile Solitary Confinement, Advocates Eye Elusive Sacramento Win

After Los Angeles County moved to strongly limit the use of solitary confinement in its juvenile detention facilities, advocates are now setting their sights on legislation that would restrict the practice throughout California.


Bill Expanding Support for Calif. “Crossover” Youth Clears Assembly

An effort to extend financial support to California’s probation-involved foster youth cleared another legislative hurdle yesterday when Senate Bill 12 was unanimously approved by an Assembly committee. In one of its final pushes, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed the bill in a 10-0 vote.


Widening Door on Extended Foster Care for Probation Youth

In October 2014, The Imprint published a story that showed how probation-involved foster youth were being denied extended-care benefits because of an arbitrary rule that basically said if they were locked up on their 18th birthday, they were locked out of foster care.


Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Juveniles is a Deal Breaker

“Audrie’s Law” stalled in the California State Assembly’s Committee on Public Safety  this morning due to the growing opposition against the bill’s mandatory sentencing requirements for juveniles convicted of sexually assaulting unconscious or disabled victims.