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A new report shows college enrollment dropped this spring.


Top Stories of 2022: More Lessons to Be Learned on Education

For all the efforts to improve the academic experiences of foster youth, significant barriers to education remain.

Chapin Hall Brief: Proper Supports Could Transform Child Welfare


Proper Supports Could Transform Child Welfare, Chapin Hall Brief Finds

A range of concrete and economic supports could sufficiently stabilize families and children to the point that they could avoid traumatic involvement with the child welfare system, according to a newly updated policy brief by researchers from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.


1 in 4 California Foster Youth Become Homeless After Leaving Extended Care

Illustration by Christine Ongjoco.
While millions of California residents have been pushed into financial peril under the crush of the coronavirus pandemic, new research shows that more than a quarter of the state’s former foster youth struggled with homelessness and housing instability well before the virus’ economic devastation hit. 

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As Hotline Calls Plummeted, Michigan Did Some Dialing of Its Own

It is safe to say that without the benefit of hindsight, no child welfare agency got it totally right in responding to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. But Michigan child welfare director, JooYeun Chang, said that an unrelated assessment of her agency, finished months before the virus hit our shores, was fortuitous in helping to shape a creative response to COVID-19. 


Chapin Hall: Program for Foster Youth Transitioning Out Shows Promise

A Northern California county has developed a potentially promising model for helping older foster youth learn skills critical to making a successful transition to adulthood and avoiding homelessness, according to a new assessment by a leading child-welfare research organization.


What Comes Next for Child Welfare? Two Experts Weigh In

  At some point, the world and the nation will get past the initial, horrific onset of the coronavirus pandemic. In its wake will almost certainly be a recession, corresponding unemployment and hard times for millions of American families. 


    Tackling Youth Homelessness with Cash During Coronavirus

    Imagine you are 20 years old. You’ve been kicked out of your home and have no other stable place to live. According to research by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, you are among the estimated 4 million young people who experience homelessness every year in America.


    State Senator Would Extend California Foster Care Through Age 25

    A California senator introduced groundbreaking legislation this week to extend the state’s foster care system through age 25 – a bill that acknowledges the continued failure to prepare young people severed from families for life on their own.


    Finally, a Judge Who Owns the Decision to Remove Kids

    Last week, the Washington Post profiled the remarkable work of Judge Ernestine Gray to essentially eliminate New Orleans’ foster care system. Between 2011 and 2017, the number of kids in foster care in New Orleans fell by 89 percent.