Centinela Youth Services


LAPD Rolls Out Youth Diversion Program Across City of Los Angeles

Under a new Los Angeles Police Department program, Los Angeles youth arrested for certain nonviolent offenses will get a second chance rather than a rap sheet. At a Tuesday meeting of the Los Angeles Police Commission, the LAPD announced that it would expand a partnership with Centinela Youth Services that uses restorative justice to prevent the risk of future arrests and further involvement with the justice system.


A Brave New Approach to Justice for Youth

Socially conscious documentary film production company A Brave New Films recently released the first installment of its Restorative Justice Series. With over 8,000 children in California juvenile probation facilities, restorative justice has emerged as a more compassionate, more successful, and more cost-effective alternative to the punitive justice system currently failing our nation’s youths.


How a Diversion Program in South L.A. Hopes to Break the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline

When Karina Cabrera first sat down with Angelica,* a 15-year-old enrolled in a juvenile diversion program at Centinela Youth Services (CYS), the case manager remembers the youth’s icy stare and clipped answers.


Promising Los Angeles Juvenile Diversion Program Anxiously Awaits Hoarded Probation Cash

The future of a program with a track record of success hangs in the balance while Los Angeles County leadership sits on millions of dollars earmarked to keep kids from winding up in jail.