Kate Walker Brown Recognized for Work to Help Sexually Exploited Children

Kate Walker Brown, an attorney at the National Youth Law Center (NCYL), has been recognized by the California Department of Social Services (DSS) with an award for her leadership in improving services and supports for commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC). 


Survey Gives Glimpse into Transition from Foster Care to Independence

Foster youth approach the age of 18 with serious health and socioeconomic risk factors, but do so with optimism and a sense of support, according to the baseline findings from a five-year study on California youths released late last week.



The second annual California Child Welfare Services Realignment Report measures the impact that may have occurred as a result of the 2011 realignment of the child welfare system. The cross-sectional study summarizes the outcomes in three sections: safety, placement and case load, and permanency.


The Spear Tip of Child Maltreatment Prevention

Any serious attempt to reduce child maltreatment, and its devastating effects on countless children who may or may not interface with child protective systems, requires a clear point of entry. On Nov.


New Study Points to Danger of Child Neglect

While brutal child deaths caused by physical abuse may grab newspaper headlines, a new study shows that the majority of injury fatalities of children five or younger in California stemmed from neglect.


A Tale of Two Fridays

It is Friday, May 4th, at the Richmond Courthouse. Sun spills into the trash-strewn courtyard as the immediate future of soon-to-be 19-year-old foster youth David C. is decided within. On Sunday, David will turn 19, throwing into question his eligibility for benefits provided through a celebrated California law that extends foster care to age 20.