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Cuomo Administration’s New Solitary Rules Might Keep New York Minors in Isolation

Pictured is the solitary confinement prison cell at Hudson Correctional Facility where a mentally ill minor was allegedly held for months on end. (Obtaind by Daily News)
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Report Pitches Alternatives to Detention for Youth Charged as Adults

With fewer youth across the nation ending up in the adult criminal justice system, a report from the Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ) highlights ways to better serve youth charged as adults outside of detention.

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In Another Big Year for “Raise the Age” Laws, One State Now Considers All Teens as Juveniles

The number of states where youth younger than 18 are deemed to be adults in the eyes of the law is now down to four. And the number of states where the juvenile age extends beyond 18 is now up to one.

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19 States Have Narrowed Juvenile Involvement in Adult System Since 2015

Since 2015, more than one-third of states have taken legislative action, executive action or both to limit the number of juvenile offenders who are exposed to adult court or adult incarceration facilities.


Is Deportation of Juvenile Offenders Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Kids and the Constitution may complicate President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, which calls for the deportation of non-citizens charged with a criminal offense. While the order does not specifically address juvenile offenders, it broadly expands the definition of who is considered a deportation priority, likely including many juveniles convicted of crimes in adult courts.

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At 10 Years Old, Campaign for Youth Justice Has Had Clear Impact

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Campaign for Youth Justice, an organization founded by Liz Ryan with help from the Public Welfare Foundation to directly take on the use of adult courts to prosecute juvenile offenders.

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    Youth First Initiative Makes Itself Known

    Youth Services Insider received a recent press release noting that March 3 was the launch of a new campaign called Youth First, an organization led by Liz Ryan that will focus on the closure of big and/or old youth prisons.


    What Age, Cognitive Disability Mean for Brendan Dassey of ‘Making a Murderer’

    If you have not seen Netflix’s breakout documentary series “Making a Murderer,” there is a good chance every other person you know has. The series follows the intellectually challenged 16-year-old Brendan Dassey and his uncle as they are ushered through the Wisconsin criminal justice system.


    Campaign for Youth Justice Names Successor to Liz Ryan

    Marcy Mistrett has been named the new chief executive officer of the Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ), a Washington, D.C.-based organization focused on ending the transfer of juvenile offenders to adult courts and facilities.