New California Budget Includes $90.5 Million in Cuts to Child Welfare Services

Facing an historic economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom presented a revised state budget Thursday that reflected deep cuts from the original draft released in January. 


How L.A.’s Housing Crisis Makes Family Reunification Much Harder

High housing costs and long hours at a minimum wage job came down hard on Claudia.* She tried to make it work, to keep her family of four children sheltered and cared for in a room behind her father’s repair shop in the San Fernando Valley, a vast suburb of Los Angeles.


Gov. Brown’s Final Budget: Increased Spending on Foster Youth Education, New Home Visiting and Juvenile Justice Programs

Even as the state faces a potential recession and changes to the federal tax code, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) made significant investments in the state’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems in the first version of the state’s 2018-2019 budget.


To Grant Sister a Pathway to Citizenship, Judith Defies Fear of ICE

About two and a half years ago, 29-year-old Judith* got a phone call from Maria,* her 9-year-old half-sister in México, to inform her that their mom had just died. Maria’s father had passed away the year before.

Budget Part Two


Calif. Governor Signs off on Kinship Equity, Support for Exploitation Victims

Note: This story was updated on June 20 Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a budget that includes new funding for kinship foster caregivers and more assistance to victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC).