Community colleges need to stop pushing remedial-class enrollments


Community Colleges Need to Stop Pushing Remedial-class Enrollments

A California bill removes the requirement in community colleges of students to repeat math and English classes they passed in high school.

Will California sidestep federal “work first” welfare rules?


Will California Sidestep Federal “Work First” Welfare Rules?

California is trying to make its cash assistance program more flexible for low-income parents. Advocates say a federal rule is hindering that.

Advocates say California should send $2,000 per child to poorest families


Advocates Say California Should Send $2,000 Per Child to Poorest Families

Anti-poverty organizations are calling for California to target some of its projected surplus to families making up to $30,000 a year.

California senator proposes checks for low-income, homeless high school seniors


California Senator Proposes Checks for Low-income, Homeless High School Seniors

A California state senator wants to send no-strings-attached checks to homeless and low-income high school seniors.

Newsom, unions eye $50k bonuses for juvenile prison workers


California Governor, Unions Eye $50k Bonuses for Juvenile Prison Workers

As California prepares to close its youth prisons, workers for the Division of Juvenile Justice could receive up to $50,000 bonuses to stay on the job until then.

Ethnic studies program helps incarcerated youth navigate identity


Ethnic Studies Program Helps Incarcerated Youth Navigate Identity

San Francisco State University has launched an ethnic studies program inside California's youth prisons. The educators behind it hope it will inspire incarcerated young people to pursue higher education.


We Need a Bold Vision for Juvenile Justice. California Gov. Newsom’s Plan Falls Short

Over the past two decades, California’s Division of Juvenile Justice’s inmate population has fallen from 10,000 to around 660. Its annual budget is down 70 percent. Eight of its 11 detention facilities have closed.