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California Youth Connection Board Selects Staffer as Its New Director

Janay Eustace
California Youth Connection, one of the most respected foster youth advocacy organizations in the nation, has a new director after a six-month search. Turns out, the answer was in the office the whole time.


If I Survived Foster Care, Surely I Can Manage the Pandemic

I thought I had fought my way to a better life, especially after the last few years that have proven to be harder than when I was in foster care. Being a former foster youth, there is one thing that you learn and that is to find your strength and fight to make yourself and the world better.


Former Foster Youth Laid off From Advocacy Group Amid COVID-19 Crisis Are Re-Hired

Following two weeks of chaotic upheaval that felt like a personal blow to many longtime advocates in California’s child welfare circles, all employees let go in layoffs at the nationally recognized foster youth group, the California Youth Connection, have been rehired.


California Youth Connection Exec Resigns Days After Announcing Layoffs, Plans to Restructure

Haydée Cuza, who helped establish the California Youth Connection (CYC) advocacy group in 1988 and became its executive director in 2016, resigned Monday night, less than a week after she laid off most of her staff in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic.

California Youth Connection, whose staff are pictured here, announced a merger with Foster Youth in Action on June 18.


California Youth Connection Abruptly Lays Off Most Staff to ‘Restructure’ Amid Pandemic

In an astounding response to the coronavirus pandemic that stunned the California child welfare field, one of the most vaunted foster youth advocacy organizations in the nation laid off most of its staff this week, the majority former foster youth.


Los Angeles County Creates Its First Ever Youth Commission

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to create the county’s first Youth Commission, answering long-standing calls from youth advocates to give young people a seat at the table shaping policies and programs that impact their lives. 


    Foster Youth in Action Leader Matt Rosen Stepping Down

    Foster Youth in Action (FYA) is seeking a new executive director to take the reins of the 11-year-old organization that works to promote leadership opportunities for current and former foster youth. 


    California Bill Aims to Prevent Children From Changing Schools After Entering Foster Care

      California advocates are hoping a new piece of legislation can prevent the educational disruption of children in foster care by opening up funding for children living with relatives in emergency placement situations.


    California Youth Connection Turns 30: Three Decades of Foster Youth Leading the Way

    Three decades ago, a group of foster youth who wanted to drive like average teenagers came together to fight for the right to obtain driver’s licenses.  When these teens founded California Youth Connection in 1988, it was the only foster care advocacy organization led by youth themselves.