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Western States Wrestle With a Child Welfare Response to Addictive Drugs


Western States Wrestle With a Child Welfare Response to Addictive Drugs

Synthetic opioid use is putting pressure on states to change, or justify child removal standards when drugs are involved.

Corey Glassman, a certified substance use disorder counselor, sits at his desk.


Redemption Delayed

Corey Glassman of California was 16 years old when he murdered a fellow high school student. The changes he made that helped earn his freedom raise questions: How much do we as a society believe that violent young people are redeemable? Are they worth the risk of a second chance?


California Supreme Court Upholds Law That Keeps Youth Under 16 Out of Adult Court

The California Supreme Court rejected an appeal to overturn a 2018 law that shields 14- and 15-year-old youth from adult court prosecution. Photo courtesy Chief Probation Officers of California
The California Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a landmark state law that prevents 14- and 15-year-olds from being sent to the adult prison system, overcoming a two-year appeal from top prosecutors.


Too Many L.A. County Low-Level Youth Offenders Still in Custody Amid Pandemic, Advocates Say

Although Los Angeles has released scores of youth offenders from its county-run juvenile halls and camps to prevent the grim march of the coronavirus, hundreds of young people charged with “non-serious or minor offenses” remain detained, according to recently filed court documents. 


Advocates Ask California Supreme Court to Release L.A. Youth from Juvenile Jails as COVID Threat Surges

An escalating pressure campaign that began with letters and public protests on behalf of hundreds of incarcerated youth in Los Angeles reached the highest court in California Tuesday – an appeal by advocates to save lives and prevent “devastating harm to young people in custody and their surrounding communities.”


Appeals Court Refuses to Reconsider Dismissed Charges Against Social Workers in Child Death Case

A California appeals court has denied a request by the Los Angeles County District Attorney to reconsider dismissing charges against the social workers overseeing the case of Gabriel Fernandez, an 8-year-old Antelope Valley boy who was tortured and killed by his mother and her boyfriend in 2013. 


    California Supreme Court: Law Barring Direct File of Juveniles Is Retroactive

    The California Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a recent ballot initiative aimed at preventing the transfer of juveniles into the adult justice system could be applied retroactively to pending court cases.


    California A.G. Supports Program for Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth

    Last week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra weighed in by saying that California should play a greater role in protecting youth who are fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries.  At the invitation of the Los Angeles Superior Court and the suggestion of the California Supreme Court, Becerra filed an amicus brief in the In re Denis G.


    Calif. Supreme Court Ruling Reveals Unintended Consequences of Jessica’s Law

    By Lesley Warren Child welfare advocates sounded the alarm earlier this month when the California Supreme Court issued its opinion on In re: William Taylor, a case involving housing restrictions imposed on certain paroled sex offenders in San Diego County that has been weaving its way through the judicial system for years.