California Fostering Connections to Success Act


The Impact of Extended Foster Care: Preliminary Findings of the CalYOUTH Study

Researchers and child welfare advocates will gather in downtown Los Angeles on May 10 to explore the preliminary findings of the California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study (CalYOUTH). CalYOUTH is a five-year research project looking at the impact of the California Fostering Connections to Success Act, a California law known as AB 12 that extended foster care to age 21 and took effect in 2012.


New Data on Barriers Faced by Calif. Foster Youth in College

A new report from the California College Pathways hopes to use data to better illustrate some of the barriers in higher education faced by foster youth. The goal of this analysis is to spur policies, programs and practices that would help more youth achieve success in college.


Housing Shortage Drives Transition-Aged Foster Youth Across San Francisco County Line

San Francisco’s endemic housing crisis is contributing to a startling exodus of older foster youth, leaving neighboring counties to shoulder the responsibility.


Joseph Tietz to Part with California Youth Connection

Executive Director Joseph Tietz of California Youth Connection announced last week that he will leave the non-profit this September after six years of service. The organization provides advocacy and leadership training to foster youth and adults. It also creates and advocates for legislative measures that support youth in foster care.


Fostering Connections to Financial Literacy

By Anna Maier When it comes to successfully implementing legislation, the devil is often in the details. That is why a Bay Area advocacy group is making sure that foster youth get the support entitled to them by the California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB12.)