California Budget

Legislative Roundup — California Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Bills Head to the Governor


California’s Spending Plan Invests in Families and Children Still Reeling From the Pandemic

The $262 billion California state budget agreed upon this week invests significantly in families and children reeling from the pandemic.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom


California Uses Budget Surplus for Safety Net Investment

As the state enjoys a massive tax windfall, California Gov. Gavin Newsom presented a revised $268 billion budget on Friday that makes several big investments in the state’s social safety net, adding resources for foster youth in schools, beefing up support to vulnerable families in the child welfare system and distributing millions of dollars for behavioral health reforms.

New Bill Would Help Foster Youth in Washington, D.C., Keep Federal Benefits


California Budget Deal Extends Millions of Dollars in Aid for Aging-out Foster Youth

Thousands of young adults in the California foster care system will receive additional financial support and housing help as they struggle to survive the recession and the coronavirus pandemic, under a budget deal this week between lawmakers and Democratic Gov.


New California Budget Includes $90.5 Million in Cuts to Child Welfare Services

Facing an historic economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom presented a revised state budget Thursday that reflected deep cuts from the original draft released in January. 


After Veto, California’s Crisis Hotline for Foster Youth is Back in Play

A plan to establish a statewide 24/7 crisis hotline and mobile response system for California foster youth and caregivers has been given new life in the state legislature’s new budget after former Gov.


No More Heartbreak? California Governor Newsom Moves to Boost Funding for Dependency Courts

On Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced a proposed $54 million boost to the budget of the state’s dependency courts, blending an increase in state investment with federal funds newly available for the legal representation of children and families involved in the child welfare system.

    Budget Part Two


    Calif. Governor Signs off on Kinship Equity, Support for Exploitation Victims

    Note: This story was updated on June 20 Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a budget that includes new funding for kinship foster caregivers and more assistance to victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSEC).


    Whispers and Bated Breath

    With historic gains for the education of California’s foster youth close at hand, advocates, service providers and this journalist-gone-rogue can hardly hold back the excitement. It has been a long hard slog, but a broad coalition of foster youth and their supporters are close to realizing a long awaited dream.