Brooklyn DA Details Shocking Police, Prosecutor Misconduct Behind 25 Wrongful Convictions and 426 Years of Prison Time

Describing injustice of an “almost unbearable” magnitude, Brooklyn’s District Attorney Eric Gonzalez this week released a report concluding that police and prosecutorial misconduct contributed to the wrongful convictions of 25 New Yorkers by his own office. 


Risks to Child Well-Being Persist in New York City, With State Budget Cuts Looming

Forty-two out of 59 New York neighborhoods have seen risks to children’s well-being increase overall since the previous year, according to a new report released by the Citizens’ Committee for Children (CCC), a nonprofit advocacy group.

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New York’s Top Child Welfare Senator Previews Next Legislative Session

The New York State legislature passed a raft of historic child welfare bills this year. All of them aimed to strengthen birth family ties: one bill would open access to original birth certificates for adoptees; another increases the standard of evidence in child neglect cases, and decreases the consequences of such investigations for parents; four other bills boost support for relatives and family friends who care for someone else’s child.


National Effort to Address Therapy Quality for Adoptees Reaches New York

Adoptees can face a unique struggle with grief, loss and identity — contrary to how they are often depicted in films like “Annie” or “Superman.” But most graduate programs in counseling and therapy rarely explore the issue, or the complexities of the child welfare system, leaving adoptive families nationwide to struggle alone.


Hearings: What’s Happening in Brooklyn Child Welfare Court? These Days, It’s Domestic Violence Cases

One of the busiest family courts in the nation occupies a hulking 32-story administrative tower in downtown Brooklyn. On a recent Thursday, I visited to observe the child abuse and neglect hearings on the eighth floor.

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Child-Well Being Improves in New York City, But Worsens in Some Communities

The child advocacy group Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC) recently released a unique report ranking 59 New York City communities by trends in health, housing stability, income security and other risk indicators for youth.


    Leaders Fear Dangerous Precedent As Homicide Case against Caseworkers Continues

    by Raquel Arellano and John Kelly The case against Chereece Bell and Damon Adams, two child welfare workers accused of homicide in the 2010 death of a New York City child, will head back to court this summer.