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Nadine Burke Harris Carries Message about Child Trauma to White House and Back

The efforts of pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris to address of trauma experienced early in life have vaulted her to national attention. In September, Burke Harris earned recognition from the Heinz Foundation for her work to establish a system to screen and treat children who are dealing with toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as abuse, neglect, poverty and violence.

California Creates College Savings Accounts for Newborns, Low-income Students


What Should Trauma-Informed Cities and Counties Ask Their States for?

The people who are doing most of the pioneering work to integrate trauma-informed, resilience-building practices based on ACEs research (writ large) are doing so in cities and counties across the U.S.

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities


Organizations Receive Grants to Channel Brain Science into Change

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities hopes to accelerate the movement of brain science into the policies and practices of the nonprofit human-serving sector through a new $2.2 million initiative.

Jennifer Jones


$2.2 Million Initiative Highlights Trauma Policy Push

This month, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities will kick off a multi-million initiative designed to help service providers translate scientific findings around child trauma, toxic stress and developmental brain science into public policy.


Center for Youth Wellness: Central to Broader Battle Against Child Trauma

San Francisco’s Bayview district is best known for its gun violence, drugs, pollution and poverty, and not much else. But a community health clinic’s radical approach to healing children may change all that by turning the impoverished neighborhood into an epicenter for trauma-informed care.


Dr. Navasaria Summit Presentation on Early Childhood Development

Here are the slides that Dr. Dipesh Navasaria used during a presentation on childhood brain science and development in Denver at the 2014 Ann Logan Early Childhood Conference.  To view all the slides, please click here.


    Childhood Trauma Research Drives Policy in California

    Professionals and advocates from varied fields including pediatrics, juvenile justice and public health, are hoping California lawmakers pass a resolution acknowledging the harmful effects that ongoing trauma has on a child’s developing brain and body.