Number Unknown: The Egregious Family Separation Policy Had No Plan

The January report by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reveals a significant lack of oversight by government agencies charged with implementing the draconian plan to separate children to deter asylum-seeking children and families.



Top Stories of 2018: A Permanent Scar on American History

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The Current Immigration Crisis and America’s Legacy of Punishing Poor Black and Brown Children

The scene unfolding on the United States-Mexico border continues to be tough to watch. Even as immigration policies shift, it remains unclear how the more than 2,000 children wrenched from their parents and swept into warehouses, cages and chaos will be reunited with family.

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For New Family Plan at Border, Trump Could Look to Pilot Project He Scuttled Last Year

Now that the horrific family separation policy at the border appears to be at an end, the Trump administration will need to figure out a plan for how to handle the asylum-seeking families it detains going forward.



Trump is All Family First, But Only with U.S. Children

Last month, President Donald Trump signaled his administration’s dedication to keeping American families together in a Foster Care Awareness Month proclamation. “My Administration is dedicated to bringing help and healing to families threatened by addiction so that parents and children can stay together in a safe and stable home environment,” Trump said in the proclamation.

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Child Welfare, Human Services Execs Slam Trump for Border Separations

Leaders from some of the nation’s largest domestic human service providers strongly condemned the Trump administration’s policy of removing children from asylum-seeking parents arriving at the border. “On behalf of the human services sector, representing more than 5 million staff and volunteers, we call on the Trump administration to immediately stop this wrong and immoral policy, that has resulted in more than 2,000 children being needlessly separated from their parents while their parents are being processed at our borders,” said a statement issued today by 14 CEOs.


    Separating Families at the Border Will Multiply Child Trauma

    Parents do not uproot their children to make a long and dangerous journey to an uncertain future in the U.S. unless the circumstances in their home country are so threatening that the risks of migration pale in comparison to more certain risks at home.