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JDAI Day Two: The Choir and The Kool-Aid

Philadelphia, Pa. Day Two of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) conference is in the books! The host, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, estimates about 800 in attendance. Yowza! Click here for a rundown of day one.


JDAI Day One: Let the Choir Drinketh the Kool-Aid!

Note: This article was updated on June 3 Philadelphia, Penn. Youth Services Insider, your faithful provider of industry news at The Imprint, has arrived in the City of Brotherly Love for this year’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Inter-Site Conference, an Annie E.


Youth Services Insider: Day Three from Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

Day Three The final day in the “City Too Busy to Hate” wrapped up a little after noon, and the many stakeholders of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative have returned home.

Youth Services Insider
Bart Lubow of the Annie E. Casey Foundation


Q&A: Bart Lubow Talks Casey Reforms, Problems with the OJJDP Agenda

A policy brief released earlier this week by the Annie E. Casey Foundation highlighted the steady decline in juvenile commitments to any type of secure facility. As The Imprint reported the next day, the decline is fueled by a massive drop in state facility placements in nine states. 


A Lack of Commitment

A drastic decline in the use of state-run facilities has fueled an overall decrease in the juvenile detention and commitment of youth and young adults, with nine states in particular driving the numbers down.


Notes from the JDAI Conference in Houston

JDAI Inter-Site Conference, Houston Mall Edition, is finito. I managed about eight hours of hallway chatter, six workshops, got my ear pierced and bought a massage chair at Brookstone (two of those things are not true).