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Joyce McMillan is an advocate who celebrated the passage of bills protecting parents' rights.


New York Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Parent-Child Contact After Termination of Rights

The New York Legislature has moved a bill to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk that would allow parents who the courts have found abused, neglected or abandoned their children to continue to visit with them, even after a court has terminated their parental rights.

New York is poised to raise the minimum age of arrest from seven to 12.


New York Votes to Raise the Minimum Age of Arrest From Seven to 12, Reform Awaits Cuomo’s Signature

The New York Legislature passed a historic justice reform that bars the arrest and prosecution of children under age 12. The reform awaits Gov. Andrew Cuomo's signature.

Both branches of the Oregon state legislature have voted to codify provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act into state law.


Oregon House Sends Measure Recognizing Tribal Adoptions to Governor

Oregon lawmakers have voted to codify provisions of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law and sent the bill to the desk of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.

A court monitor found that Michigan's child welfare agency fell short of its goals in the first half of 2020.


Michigan Remains Far Short of Child Welfare Reform Goals, Court Monitor Finds

More than a decade after a federal judge approved Michigan’s sweeping agreement to fix problems with its child welfare system, the court-appointed monitoring team reported multiple ongoing concerns about the safety of kids under state care.

A new report shows college enrollment dropped this spring.


California Leaders Push to Reverse Plummeting Statewide College Enrollment

A new study found a steep drop in college enrollment this spring — particularly in community colleges, which often serve more low-income students, foster youth and others who experience barriers to higher education.


Illinois on Cusp of Bias Training Requirement for Mandated Child Welfare Reporters

Illinois teachers and others who look after children in a nonparental role may soon have to be taught how to recognize and eliminate their own racial and ethnic biases as mandated reporters of potential child abuse and neglect.



New York May Soon Bar the Shackling of Children in Family Court

New York is poised to prohibit the use of handcuffs, shackles, straitjackets and other hardware restraints on those 21 and younger appearing in family court.

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Senate Bill May Require Legal Counsel for Parents, Children in Child Welfare Cases

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a bill that could provide the first federal requirement of legal counsel to parents and children in child welfare cases, though there appeared to be some discussion of further negotiations on that before a vote of the full Senate.

Julie McGue writes that closed adoption is like a legal magic eraser.


Closed Adoption: A Legal Magic Eraser

Closed adoption was intended to protect the privacy of birth parents and the rights of adoptive parents. To the adoptee, however, closed adoption is a legal magic eraser.