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Bill Would Help States Track Down Missing Foster Children


Stimulus Aid for Former Foster Youth Isn’t Reaching Most Eligible Kentuckians

A federal stimulus package that was meant to provide aid to current and former foster youth is not reaching many Kentuckians who may need it.

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Prevent Child Abuse America Offers Grants to Tackle Racial Disparity


Prevent Child Abuse America Offers Grants to Tackle Racial Disparity

Prevent Child Abuse America is offering nonprofits with a history of serving Black, Latino and Indigenous families grants of up to $150,000.

Juvenile justice expert David Roush on juvenile detention reform.


The ‘Gold Standard’ of Juvenile Detention Reform Shows There’s Still Work to be Done

Racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile detention are not unique to Cook County, but data validate the need for new approaches.

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Juvenile Justice System Groups Picked for Training in Positive Youth Development

A leading philanthropy this week announced the next group of organizations to receive training aimed at encouraging juvenile justice professionals to embrace and spread the principles of positive youth development. In the view of the reformers, frontline staff should be less concerned with sternly enforcing rules to keep kids in line and more about building on the strengths and assets that they and their families bring to the table.


Some U.S. Probation Officials Want to ‘Blow Up’ Their Systems

Pedestrians walking past the Kings County Family Court Building on Thursday, August 20, 2020. Photo: Hiram Alejandro Durán
The common image of a probation department is a bland government building where a stern man sits with a clipboard, tapping his watch, waiting for an accused person to show up and explain if they’ve complied with a stay-out-of-trouble plan.


In Midst of Coronavirus, Let’s Redouble Our Efforts to End Incarceration for Girls

As advocates for community-based alternatives to incarceration and policing, we’re pleased to see how Santa Clara County and some other jurisdictions are acting with surprising speed and resolve to reduce the populations in their juvenile justice facilities, especially for girls and gender expansive youth of color.

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    Juvenile Detention: Fewer Coming In or Out As Pandemic Continues

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation continues to supply a macro-level look at how the use of juvenile detention has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Its most recent release of data today shows two trends in May that could portend a more dramatic shift next month.

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    Answers from Juvenile Detention Surveys Set Up Some Great Questions

    The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s survey work on the use of juvenile detention during coronavirus has moved us beyond the shrugging-emoji level of understanding what’s happened since mid-March. The surveys also tip at bigger questions that could actually provide some lasting lessons for the field beyond the pandemic. 

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    Juvenile Detention Population Plummeted as the Pandemic Spread, Survey Suggests

    As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country in March, the number of juveniles in pretrial detention fell by nearly a quarter, according to a survey of government agencies in 30 states released Thursday.