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NY Lawmakers Pitch Ambitious Investments in Child Welfare


New York Lawmakers Plan Ambitious Investments in Child Welfare

New York lawmakers have proposed state spending plans that call for $3 billion in investments in child care, and an increased spending on child welfare.

New York Governor Signs Legislation Barring Arrest of Children Younger than 12


New York Governor Signs Legislation Barring Arrest of Children Younger than 12

Legislation signed into law by New York’s governor will bar the arrest of most children younger than 12 years old, a move pushed for years by advocates decrying the state’s overly punitive justice system.


New York City’s “Family Defense” Movement Presses Case Against Child Welfare System in Public Hearings and Rallies

Thursday marked a raucous day of hearings in New York City, with parents protesting the overreach of the child welfare system.

Assemblymember Andrew Hevesi trauma


Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi Zeroes in on Preventing Childhood Trauma

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is shifting his focus towards preventing early trauma that can compound into a multitude of lifelong problems.

aging out foster youth asks gov. cuomo to moratorium


‘Once You Sign the Paper, It’s Over:’ Older Foster Youth Plead for Help from New York Governor 

When she turned 21 last year, seven years after entering foster care in New York City, Jeanette Rivera suddenly found herself fending for herself — and her three young children.  “They didn’t wait to make sure that I was ready to be on my own, they didn’t make sure I had food, that my bills were paid or that I even understood how to pay my portion of my rent,” Rivera said.

subsidy foster youth new york roommates apartment


Older New York Foster Youth With Roommates Can Now Get Rent Assistance

Thanks to an amendment to a state social services law approved by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) last month, older foster youth who find a market-rate apartment can now receive a monthly housing subsidy from Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) even if they live with a roommate. 


    New York Expands Funding Access for Close Kin Who Become a Child’s Legal Guardian

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation late last month making it easier for close relatives and family friends to receive financial support for kinship guardianship agreements (KinGAP). Godparents, step-parents, the adoptive parents of half-siblings, neighbors and other kinds of kin will be eligible for the subsidy until the child turns 21.