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Why We Use The Term ‘Emerging Adults’


Why We Use The Term ‘Emerging Adults’

As the criminal justice system begins to take into account the research into emerging adults, the field is slowly adjusting to how it treats them.

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Children’s Rights Lures Top Litigator Leecia Welch from National Center for Youth Law


National Center for Youth Law’s Leecia Welch Wins Janet Reno Leadership Award

Leecia Welch, the National Center for Youth Law’s senior director of legal advocacy and child welfare, has been awarded the Janet Reno Endowment Women’s Leadership Award.

Colorado Considers a Raise the Age Youth Justice Bill


American Bar Association Calls for an End to ‘Criminalizing Childhood’

The American Bar Association is pushing the nation’s juvenile justice systems to improve the treatment of children accused of crimes.

Colorado Considers a Raise the Age Youth Justice Bill


New York May Soon Bar the Shackling of Children in Family Court

New York is poised to prohibit the use of handcuffs, shackles, straitjackets and other hardware restraints on those 21 and younger appearing in family court.

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Advocates and Officials Press Case for Overhauling Key Adoption and Child Welfare Law


Attorney David Kelly Leaves the Children’s Bureau

David Kelly, an attorney who helped expand the federal investment in legal support for parents and children involved in child welfare cases, left his post as special assistant to the associate commissioner of the Children’s Bureau this week.

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Bar Association Report: Funding Shifts Greatly Affect Legal Counsel for Kids, Parents

Research has shown that quality legal representation on behalf of all parties in the child welfare system improves the outcome for children and families alike. But until now, little research has been conducted on just how funding affects the ability to provide quality legal services.

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New Funding Rule Aims to Boost Effectiveness of Legal Counsel in Dependency Cases

In late 2018, the U.S. Children’s Bureau opened up the federal tap for an oft-underfunded corner of the child welfare system: legal counsel for parents, or children, involved in dependency court cases. 

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What Comes Next for Interdisciplinary Parent Representation

As The Imprint reported earlier this month, a much-anticipated study of New York’s interdisciplinary law office (ILO) parent representation model has shown it significantly reduces the time children remain in foster care.


Parent Defense Movement Warily Celebrates Momentum on Child Welfare Reform

An emboldened parent defense movement convened at a Ritz-Carlton near Washington, D.C., last week, intent to capitalize on recent policy victories and public attention. The goal? To reduce the number of parents they believe are unnecessarily separated from their kids by the child welfare system.