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Inspired by the Care He Received, Justice Leader Extends Supports to Marginalized Bay Area Youth


Inspired by the Care He Received, Justice Leader Extends Supports to Bay Area Youth

Ali Knight, president and CEO of Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY), discusses the way racism, marginalization, poverty and all forms of oppression suffocate young people and what his organization is doing to equip youth and advance the juvenile justice movement in California. 

Families Saved Money After California County Nixed Youth Justice Fees


Study Finds Families Saved an Average of $1,600 After California County Eliminated Juvenile Justice Fees

Families with children in the justice system have been spared financial hardship after local policy changes ended juvenile justice fees.


California Counties Empty Juvenile Halls to Combat COVID-19

The exterior wall of the El Dorado County Juvenile Hall in Placerville, California. Photo: Max Whittaker, Prime Collective
Seeking to avoid outbreaks of coronavirus, within a matter of months, county officials across California have dramatically reduced the numbers of youth locked in juvenile detention facilities – a decrease that justice advocates long decrying the over-incarceration of the nation’s young people might once have dreamed of.


Chapin Hall: Program for Foster Youth Transitioning Out Shows Promise

A Northern California county has developed a potentially promising model for helping older foster youth learn skills critical to making a successful transition to adulthood and avoiding homelessness, according to a new assessment by a leading child-welfare research organization.


In the Midst of COVID-19 Crisis, Alameda County Must Rethink Its Youth Justice System

Late last month, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced that California was granting early release to 3,500 people in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus virus and protect corrections staff.


California’s Plan to Raise the Age of Its Youth Justice System Heads to the Legislature

A plan to expand California’s youth justice system to include 18- and 19-year-olds is heading to the state legislature. State Senator Nancy Skinner (D) is advancing Senate Bill (SB) 889, which would expand the jurisdiction of the state’s juvenile justice system by using a proposal put forward by the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) with initial support from youth justice advocates.


    Millions Unclaimed: Behind California’s Troubled Mental Health Care Funding System

    Alex Briscoe didn’t know much about how local governments pay for mental health care when he joined Alameda County’s Health Care Services Agency in 2004. But he knew there was a problem.


    Let’s Do Better for California Kids, Families and Communities

    As leaders of organizations that serve children, youth and families who have come to the attention of child welfare, special education, juvenile justice and behavioral health systems, we have seen firsthand the successes and failures of the public agencies responsible for the care of California’s most vulnerable and at-risk children and youth.

    Caregivers Joe and Shirley Washington


    Despite Increased Funding for Recruitment, Three California Counties Struggle to Find New Foster Homes

    In 2017, California began implementing statewide reforms of its foster care system, a sprawling initiative designed to reduce the role of group homes and rely more heavily on relatives and foster homes.