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The Data Dispute: Where New Rules on Foster Care Numbers Stands

The process for adding new elements to what’s known as the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, or AFCARS, is now in litigation that started under the Trump administration and continues under President Joe Biden.

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Advocates for LGBTQ and Native Foster Youth Sue Trump Administration, Demanding Data Expansion

Abby Abinanti, chief judge of the Yurok Tribal Court in Northern California, said tribes struggle to serve Native children in foster care because they lack information on who or where they are.

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Fewer Youth in Foster Care, But Family Reunifications Hit Record Low

Newly released federal data shows the number of adoptions from foster care is up and the number of children reunified with their parents is down.
The number of youth in foster care began to decline in earnest last year, according to federal child welfare data released this week, which also found that reunifications have declined and the number of children adopted from foster care continues to reach record levels.

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Administration Erases LGBT Questions From Foster Care Data Collection

Late Friday the Trump administration finalized a one-third reduction in the amount of data the government must collect about youth in foster care and their parents, sparking an outcry from advocates who charge that the changes are politically driven and will be bad for already-vulnerable kids.

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Deep Dive on Federal Foster Care Report: Permanency Slows Again, the Tiny Decline, a State in Crisis

As The Imprint reported last week, and projected last year in our “Who Cares” project, the number of youth in foster care declined slightly in 2018. And there was good news on both ends of the system as well: entries into foster care were down, and exits from foster care were up.


Federal Report Shows Number of Youth in Foster Care Declined Last Year

The number of youth in foster care declined for the first time since 2011, according to an annual report on youth in care released by the Department of Health and Human Services.


    A Missed Opportunity to Help Foster Youth Prepare for Adulthood

    We owe teens and young adults in the child welfare system permanency and support so they are prepared for adulthood. The key way we plan with them for adulthood is by creating a transition plan.

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    Notes on Federal Foster Care Report: Permanency Delayed, State Surges, And More

       As The Imprint reported yesterday, this year’s federal report on foster care shows the number of youth in care has increased for a fifth consecutive year. Click here for our initial coverage of the report, which was produced through the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS).


    Foster Care Numbers Up for Fifth Straight Year, Federal Data Released Today Shows

    The number of youth in foster care in America rose for a fifth consecutive year in 2017, according to a federal report released today, though state data obtained by The Imprint suggests that the total may have plateaued or even decreased this year.