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With Child Welfare, Congress Always Wants to Rob Peter to Pay Paul

An edited version of this column has been reprinted with the permission of the Child Welfare League of America. It happened again, just before Congress left for the summer break on July 31, Congress gave children in foster care their heartfelt support but were much more limited in their financial support.

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Adoption Incentives Bill Stalled Until Fall (At Least)

After the House passed an adoption incentives bill by voice vote in late July, there was hope that the legislation, H.R. 4980, would be whisked through the Senate and make its way to the president’s desk for a signature while it was still relentlessly humid in Washington.


How the New Adoption Incentives Would Work

Since 1997, the federal government has rewarded states for finalizing the adoption of children in foster care. Aptly called the Adoption Incentives program, the name captures the reason for its existence: holding out a carrot to motivate states to find permanent homes for children in the system.

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In New York City, Failed Adoptions Still Pay Off for Adults

A few weeks ago, we published a theory on how to track failed adoptions. It is something that no state currently does, and all states may have to do soon if certain federal legislation ever gains a presidential signature.

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The Latest on Federal Adoption and Foster Care Legislation

During the perpetual polar vortex of congressional cooperation that marked 2013, it looked like both chambers and parties had come to some consensus on a few legislative changes to adoption, foster care, and child support enforcement.

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Hidden Gems in Adoption Incentives Bill: Counting Failure and Ending APPLA

The Supporting At-Risk Youth Act, a child welfare bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee, leads with reauthorization of the federal incentive payments to states based on adoptions from foster care.


    House Passes Adoption Incentive Bill; Action Moves to Senate

    The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan-sponsored bill that would reauthorize and recalculate the federal incentives to states for finalizing adoptions. The Promoting Adoption and Legal Guardianship for Children in Foster Care Act, authored by House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp (R-Mich.)


    Capitol View on Kids: Congress to Settle Spending for Now, Then Leave

    Congress is making a quick exit for the campaign trail as the House of Representatives took only a few days last week to approve a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government for the next six months.