Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980


A Look Back at the Impact of Research on Child Welfare Policy

This year begins my 40th year as a student of child welfare services. As a researcher and observer of the child welfare policy process I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on some of the ways research has influenced child welfare policy.


Southern California Grantmakers LA County Child Welfare Collaborative Meeting

The Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnership and SCG invite you to attend the next SCG LA County Child Welfare Collaborative meeting. This convening and future meetings of the Collaborative will be led by Kate Anderson (@kateanderson), Director for the Center for Strategic Public-Private Partnerships in LA County, in partnership with SCG.

Lumos Foundation logo


J.K. Rowling’s Growing Crusade to Fight Use of Orphanages, Institutions

J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos, has been going through a dramatic expansion and recently set up shop in the United States. Now, Lumos has released a new short film narrated by Rowling that seeks to draw attention to the disservice done to children by long-term institutional care.


Transgender Foster Youth Bill to be Heard Tomorrow

By Dominic Uyeda Imagine a 17-year-old, with long blonde hair, wearing a dress and makeup, being driven to a foster care group home. Once there, she will be sharing a room with two teenage boys, living in a house with all males.


Differential Response Built on Flawed Assumptions

Those who advocate for the wider use of Differential Response (DR) in child welfare do so from a flawed set of assumptions. The most common are that children’s protective services (CPS) professionals are hostile to families; that children are routinely removed from their parents’ custody without good cause; and that all families can safely provide for their children.