Fighting for Kin: A Black Family Struggles to Unite with Two of its Youngest Members in Foster Care 

Challenges are myriad for an aunt seeking to adopt her nephews — from decades-old “attachment” theories to perceptions of courtroom body language.

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Feds Announce Slate of 2023 Child Welfare Grantees

The U.S. Children’s Bureau has announced the winners of several million dollars in federal grants focused on workforce, early childhood, racial bias and inequity, and other issues late last week. 

Photo of Jessica Herrera Twitchell, congressional intern advocating for expanded post-18 support for foster youth.


Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

Congressional intern Jessica Herrera Twitchell proposes that Congress amend two federal programs for older youth in foster care.


California Bans ‘Adoption Facilitators’ Known to Engage in Questionable Practices

California has outlawed the use of unlicensed adoption brokers who match prospective parents with pregnant mothers.


In Her New Book, Transracial Adoptee and Minneapolis Author Shannon Gibney Envisions the Childhood She Lived and the One She Imagines

The Imprint's Farrah Mina interviews author Shannon Gibney about her book “The Girl I Am, Was, and Never Will Be.”

Richard Barth


We Haven’t Done Enough to Increase the Safety of Adoptions

Rick Barth reflects on the lessons for foster care and adoptions within Roxanna Asgarian's new book, "We Were Once a Family"


    Asking the Right Questions About Adoption

    Media accounts of particularly violent and heinous crimes, such as school shootings and sniper attacks, often focus on the motivation of the perpetrators. So it was on March 26, 2018, when white adoptive parents Jennifer and Sarah Hart, with Jennifer at the wheel, drove an SUV carrying their six Black and bi-racial children off a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway, plunging all 8 to their deaths in the rocks and ocean below.

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    Ujima Black Family Program gets $500K Grant from Walmart

    The National Adoption Association's Ujima Black Family Program, focusing on racial equity in adoption, has been awarded $500K. 


    Utah ICWA Bill Held in Committee, But Could be Revisited Later in Session 

    A Utah bill to create a state version of the Indian Child Welfare Act has been held in the House Judiciary Committee, but may be revisited.