An Expert Who Has Testified in Foster Care Cases Across Colorado Admits Her Evaluations Are Unscientific

Diane Baird labeled her method for assessing families the “Kempe Protocol” after the university institute where she worked for decades.

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Bill to Remove Federal Requirement to Terminate Parental Rights Resurfaces

A bill that would end federal requirements to seek termination of parental rights in most cases was reintroduced in Congress this week

When Foster Parents Don’t Want to Give Back the Baby


When Foster Parents Don’t Want to Give Back the Baby

In many states, adoption lawyers are pushing a new legal strategy that forces biological parents to compete for custody of their children.

New York Governor Quietly Pitches Gun Violence Response That Includes Youth Justice Reform Rollbacks


Governor Once Again Rejects Bill to Expand New York Parents’ Chances for Contact With Their Adopted Children 

The Preserving Family Bonds Act would have allowed a judge to determine whether biological parents could resume contact with adopted children, and the type of contact that would be permitted.


Fighting for Kin: She’s a Social Worker and Foster Parent — But a Court Won’t Let Her Adopt Her Nephews

Despite laws prioritizing kin care, Minnesota officials have sided with a foster parent vying to adopt two brothers, blindsiding their aunt.


Fighting for Kin: A Black Family Struggles to Unite with Two of its Youngest Members in Foster Care 

Challenges are myriad for an aunt seeking to adopt her nephews — from decades-old “attachment” theories to perceptions of courtroom body language.

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    Feds Announce Slate of 2023 Child Welfare Grantees

    The U.S. Children’s Bureau has announced the winners of several million dollars in federal grants focused on workforce, early childhood, racial bias and inequity, and other issues late last week. 

    Photo of Jessica Herrera Twitchell, congressional intern advocating for expanded post-18 support for foster youth.


    Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

    Congressional intern Jessica Herrera Twitchell proposes that Congress amend two federal programs for older youth in foster care.


    California Bans ‘Adoption Facilitators’ Known to Engage in Questionable Practices

    California has outlawed the use of unlicensed adoption brokers who match prospective parents with pregnant mothers.