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New York City Pledges New Investment in Foster Youth College Expenses

New York City Mayor Eric Adams with college student Sanjida Afruz during a Tuesday press conference to announce the new College Choice initiative. Photo courtesy of the Mayor’s Office.
A new program will offer financial assistance to help cover college expenses for hundreds of New York City students in foster care. 

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Better Apart

An anonymous writer says that through therapy and time away from home, she's been able to reflect on her relationship with her mom.

Choosing Myself


Choosing Myself

Choosing myself meant choosing to live with my cousin, where I had more stability and could focus on school, writes Faith Ornstein.

Steps New York City Can Take to End Reliance on Administration for Children’s Services


Steps New York City Can Take to End Reliance on Administration for Children’s Services

Our recent research reveals steps New York City can take to move away from a reliance on the existing family policing system, write Erin Markman and Bianca Shaw.

New York’s Top Judge Resigns


NY’s Chief Judge Calls for Streamlined Courts and Higher Pay for Child and Parent Lawyers

New York's Chief Judge Janet DiFiore recently called for a simplified court structure and higher pay for attorneys who represent children and low-income adults.

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Washington, D.C., Pilot Gives $500 Per Month to Black Mothers with CPS Cases


Grant Funds National Effort to Engage Foster Youth in Decisions About Care

Backed by more than $20 million in federal funds, a national effort is underway to engage foster youth in the decision making around their care.

    New York City Aims to Reduce Children’s Stays in Temporary Foster Care Facilities


    Federal Court Rejects Sweeping Class-Action Lawsuit Against New York City Foster Care System

    A federal judge has denied the latest attempt by a pioneering legal advocate for foster children to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against New York City.

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    Seeks Extension on Adoptee Well-being Survey


    The Administration for Children and Families Seeks Extension on Adoptee Well-being Survey

    The Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is asking for more time to complete a survey aimed at sussing out information about the factors that affect family stability at least eight years after families adopt kids out of the child welfare system.


    With Federal Aid in Hand, New York City Funds Big Boost to Youth Supports

    The New York City record budget of nearly $100 billion includes major boosts to programs that could benefit the most vulnerable children.