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NY Law Would Scale Back Practice of Billing Parents for Foster Care

A New York bill would limit the state’s practice of charging parents child support for children in foster care.

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For the First Time, Feds Will Fully Fund Tribal Child Support Collections

Under a new rule released by the Biden administration, tribes will no longer share the costs of child support collections.

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ACF Grants $8 Million to Expand First Federally Funded Diaper Assistance Program

The government is partnering with seven organizations and tribes across the country for an $8 million diaper distribution pilot project. 

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Federal Government Investing $30 Million in Child Care Workforce

The federal government is launching a $30 million program to help states bolster and diversify their child care and preschool workforce. 

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Updated: Feds Cancel Plan for $10 Million to Prevent Confusion of Poverty with Neglect 

Federal funding is available to teach hotline workers and mandated reporters about the differences between poverty and “willful neglect.”


Biden Administration Proposes Easing Foster Care Licensing Barriers for Relatives

The government wants to give states the option to allow relatives caring for children to receive the same financial help as foster parents.


    Biden’s Top Child Welfare Official Discusses Her 2023 Priorities with The Imprint

    January Contreras, assistant secretary of the Administration for Children and Families, says her goals include supporting, encouraging, and pushing states to prevent foster care.

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    ACF Equity Study to Examine Six Child Welfare Systems

    The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) announced last March that it would begin the Child Welfare Study to Enhance Equity with Data

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    Number of Youth in Foster Care Dropped Again in 2021

    The number of youth in America's foster care systems dropped below 400,000 for the first time since 2012 according to new federal data