Black Minnesotans Tell UN Panel of Harms Committed by Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Authorities

Black residents of Minnesota gave powerful testimony to a UN panel today on the harrowing practice of placing children in solitary confinement.


The Untold Story of How a Stubborn Group of Parents Helped Shutter the Nation’s Largest Youth Prison System

For years, a tireless group of parents trekked to the California state Capitol. Their goal: to shut down the California Youth Authority.


Northern California Probation Officer Sexually Abused Children, Lawsuit Alleges

A probation officer sexually abused children for years, according to 11 lawsuits filed against the California county where he once worked.

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Image showing anti-poverty effect of cash benefits.


Child Tax Credits Led to Decreased Abuse and Neglect, New Study Shows

A new study found the monthly payments made to families in 2021 resulted in fewer children visiting the ER with abuse-related injuries.

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Number of Abuse and Neglect Victims Declines Again

New federal data shows the number of child abuse and neglect victims declined to a record low for the third straight year.


No, “Neglect” Is Not a Gateway Allegation

"Neglect" is not a gateway allegation — unless you take data out of context by presenting numbers without ratios or ratios without numbers.


    A Lonely Child Finds His Way Out of Abuse and Homelessness, It Lands Him Behind Bars

    First in a three-part series on a teenager with a tumultuous childhood sent to die in prison, and where his life would lead.

    Please Listen to me


    Please Listen to me

    I was trying to get someone to listen to me, to save me. It’s not a feeling I ever want to know again, writes Ana Weide.

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    Maine Plan for Keeping Families Intact Wins Federal Approval


    Maine Oversight Committee Sues State Department of Health and Human Services

    A legislative committee in Maine will sue the state's human services department for access to records related to four child deaths in 2021.