Experts Want to Halt Landmark Mental Health Settlement for Foster Youth


L.A. County Reaches $32 Million Settlement in Anthony Avalos Case

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has formally approved a $32 million settlement in a civil lawsuit over the 2018 death of Anthony Avalos.

Adjusting to My Adoptive Family


Adjusting to My Adoptive Family

Three years after I moved in, my adoptive parents got divorced. My brain pinpointed me as the problem, writes George Romero.

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judicial commission wants wayne Circuit Judge Tracy Green removed from bench. Photo of the court.


Michigan Judicial Commission Finds Misconduct by Child Welfare Judge  

Judge Tracy Green, a child welfare judge in Wayne County, Mich., faces removal from the bench for her role in a child abuse case that involves her son and grandchildren.

this child was not made out of love


This Child Was Not Made Out of Love

Youth Voice writer Thalia Bernal considers what pregnancy can mean for foster youth who have experienced abuse.

Foster Care Abused Me Because of My Autism


I Was Treated as a Problem in Foster Care Because of my Autism

Nobody knew how to care for a teenager with autism. Instead of trying to communicate with me, I was just labeled a problem, writes Nia Dyer.

Understaffed, and under federal investigation, Texas juvenile detention system halts intake


Understaffed, and Under Federal Investigation, Texas Juvenile Detention System Halts Intake

Texas’ juvenile detention system has shut its doors and won’t accept any new kids because it is “hemorrhaging” staff, and officials fear they can’t ensure the safety of the nearly 600 youths already in their custody.

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    Capitol View on Kids


    During Confirmation Hearing for Top Biden Child Welfare Officials, Senators Voice Their Own Priorities

    The confirmation hearing for Biden's top two child welfare officials took place last week, and the topics of discussion at the hearing are likely a strong indicator of what child welfare issues are front and center for various factions of D.C. in 2022.

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    2020 Child Maltreatment Data: A Breakdown

    An annual federal report on child maltreatment confirms what other data has already suggested: That during the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, reports and investigations of abuse and neglect plummeted, in large part due to the absence of child care workers and school personnel from the lives of many children in that time frame. 

    California’s Child Abuse Registry is Missing Upwards of 22,000 Abuse Suspects, Audit Finds


    Florida Confirms Abuse Allegations Against Some Foster Parents

    The child welfare agency in Florida is changing how it responds to allegations of abuse against foster caregivers, following a news investigation in March.