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Earning Your Keep In Foster Care: The Court Decides

Attempting to prove to a Santa Clara County court late last year that she had earned her monthly foster care check, a South Bay teenager couldn’t quite remember all the places she had applied for work.


Strings Attached: Young Adults Fight to Stay In Foster Care

On a recent weeknight on the suburban streets of Silicon Valley, a 20-year-old former foster youth offered a weary and frank assessment of his latest struggles to survive. Peter had recently scrounged up $600 to buy a barely functional “classic old hippie van” he planned to live in — that was until he got pulled over at midnight for driving without a registration.


California Extended Foster Care to 21. Was It Enough?

Just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic shuttered schools and businesses and isolated millions of people in their homes, a California senator introduced groundbreaking legislation to reimagine how the state supports some of its most vulnerable, yet hopeful, residents: Young adults raised in foster care. 


Bill to Prevent California Foster Youth From Aging Out During Pandemic Moves Forward 

California legislation that would have permanently extended foster care payments and housing benefits to young adults through age 25 has now been scaled back to a short-term support plan triggered by a state of emergency such as the current coronavirus pandemic.


California Rolls Out Plan to Prevent Youth from Aging Out of Foster Care During Pandemic

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced the state would prevent foster youth from aging out of the system during the pandemic. This week, the administration laid out the specifics of his order. 


Report: Extended Foster Care in California Boosts Wealth, Stability

California foster youth who remain in extended foster care after they turn 18 have more savings and are more educated than their peers who exit foster care at 18, according to a report released late last year by the University of Chicago-based research group Chapin Hall.


    California Youth Connection Turns 30: Three Decades of Foster Youth Leading the Way

    Three decades ago, a group of foster youth who wanted to drive like average teenagers came together to fight for the right to obtain driver’s licenses.  When these teens founded California Youth Connection in 1988, it was the only foster care advocacy organization led by youth themselves. 


    Help Foster Youth in California Speed Up Their Educational Dreams

    Sometimes I feel like the “Tortoise and the Hare” fable is the story of my college career. I entered foster care at the age of 2 when my parents became incarcerated.


    Brief Finds That Extended Foster Care Increases Educational Success

    The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago recently released a brief highlighting factors that lead to high school completion and college enrollment for foster youth. “Each month in extended foster care past age 18, increased the expected odds of completing high school by about 8 percent,” the Chapin Hall brief said.