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We Need Kinship Caregivers, and They Need a Safety Net

I was a teenager in the care of loving fictive kin when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1979 that kinship care is an appropriate child welfare response, and that relatives could not be discriminated against when they meet the same licensing standards as non-kin foster parents.


Facing a Backlog, Los Angeles Hires Pittsburgh Kinship Nonprofit to Help Relative Caregivers

Los Angeles County has hired a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit to help more relative caregivers through the foster care certification process as the county runs up against a looming state deadline. On Tuesday, the county’s Board of Supervisors approved a $400,000 request to hire A Second Chance, Inc.,


The Current Immigration Crisis and America’s Legacy of Punishing Poor Black and Brown Children

The scene unfolding on the United States-Mexico border continues to be tough to watch. Even as immigration policies shift, it remains unclear how the more than 2,000 children wrenched from their parents and swept into warehouses, cages and chaos will be reunited with family.


Partnership Aims to Strengthen Network of American Indian, African-American Kinship Caregivers

As more and more grandparents step up to parent grandchildren, especially in the wake of the current opioid crisis, several organizations are teaming up to create a unique voice and education opportunity for American Indian and African American caregivers.

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Kin and Faith: The Right Ways to Grow a Foster Home Supply

May is Foster Care Month, and it is a great time to sing the praises of the many wonderful foster parents who are changing children’s lives every day. As a social worker in Washington, D.C.’s


Where Do We Go From Here?

Roughly 7,600 years ago, researchers say, the Mediterranean Sea rose and spilled through the Bosphorus, flooding the Black Sea. There are different theories about the speed of that flooding, with some experts pointing to geological evidence suggesting it was a catastrophic event that flooded 60,000 square miles of dry land in short order.