2021 New York City Mayoral Race

Eric Adams is poised to become the Democratic candidate in the New York City mayoral race.


What Has New York City’s Likely Mayor-In-Waiting, Eric Adams, Said About Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice?

Eric Adams has a commanding early lead in this week’s Democratic primary vote counting for New York City mayor, making him the strong favorite to replace the outgoing mayor next year and head one of the nation’s largest child welfare and juvenile justice systems.


Scott Stringer

Highlights: Dedicate staff at the Department of Education who are focused on foster youth; Reduce child welfare caseloads by hiring more case workers and family court judges; Increase annual spending on childcare to $660 million under his “NYC Under 3” plan

NYC mayoral candidate Ray McGuire


Ray McGuire

Highlights: Implement a “race-blind” child removal evaluation process; Recruit more peer advocates for parents facing child welfare investigations, and hold “reunification day” celebrations for parents whose children come home from foster care; Permanently remove requirement for foster youth to petition a judge to remain care past 21


Kathryn Garcia

Highlights: Implement a “race-blind” child removal evaluation process; Prioritize those who have experience with foster care for appointments to Family Court and the Administration for Children’s Services; Guarantee foster youth a right to housing through age 25, with rental assistance vouchers

NYC mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan


Shaun Donovan

Highlights: Provide newborns and students with Equity Bonds of $1,000 in principal and annual deposits; Guarantee at least one paid job, apprenticeship or internship opportunity to every high school student; Universal housing vouchers and trained housing navigators, and increase emergency rental and assistance to $500 million

NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley


Maya Wiley

Highlights: Invest $5 million in bus service for students in foster care to help increase school stability and make permanent $20 million in baseline funding for the Fair Futures program; Ensure that ACS abides by the terms of a 2012 legal settlement allowing youth older than 21 to stay in foster care if they do not have stable housing; Will explore the possibility of contracting prevention services through Department of Youth and Community Development or Human Resources Administration

    NYC mayoral candidate Dianna Morales


    Dianne Morales

    Highlights: Create a housing-for-all guarantee, including housing stability support through mentorship, guidance and options for healing therapy for youth aging out of the foster care system; Establish universal after-school programs, focused on students with disabilities, in foster care and with limited financial means; Provide universal access to doulas, midwives, physicians and nurses, and free prenatal care