Lily Endowment, Grants Mid-Year 2013

Lily Endowment
Phone: (317) 924- 5471

Grants Announced: April 2013

The Lily Endowment, an Indianapolis based foundation, announced grants for over 180 organizations that serve thousands of Marion County youth. The grants are part of their Summer Youth Program Fund, begun in 1995. The Endowment gave more than $1.4 million to support 154 organizations operating 180 programs that focus on summer activities for youth in low income neighborhoods. Enrichment opportunities will include backpacking, reading, art, swimming, college preparation, gardening, conflict resolution and field trips around town.

The following grantees received awards from the Summer Youth Program Fund:
Adult and Child Center -$10,000

Aftercare for Indiana Through Mentoring -$6,000
Agape Therapeutic RidingCenter-$3,640|
American Diabetes Association, Indiana Affiliate-$10,500
Anglican Church of Resurrection -$4,000
Art With a Heart-$14,000
Asante Children’s Theatre-$3,500
Athenaeum Turners School of Physical Education and the Performing Arts-$5,000
At-Your-School (AYS) Child Services -$3,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana-$3,000
Bosma Industries for the Blind-$6,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis(5)-$42,500
Brebeuf Preparatory School-$2,500
Brightwood Community Center-$6,000
Broadway United Methodist Church-$8,000
Brooke’s Place for Grieving Young People-$6,500
Burmese American Community Institute-$7,500
Butler University-$7,250
Camptown -$11,500
Catholic Charities Indianapolis(2)-$15,800Catholic Youth Organization -$6,500
Children’s Bureau-$18,500
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis -$7,500
Christamore House -$10,000
Christel House Academy-$6,500
Claude McNeal’s Musical Theatre Training Program -$7,000
Coburn Place Safe Haven -$4,500
Community Action of Greater Indianapolis-$4,000
Community Alliance of the Far Eastside (CAFE)-$21,000
Community Health Network Foundation-$6,000
Community Reading Understanding Learning and Education Corp.-$4,500
Concord Center Association-$23,500
Corinthian Baptist Church-$5,500
Cosmo Knights Scholarship Fund -$7,500
Damar Services-$7,000
Dance Kaleidoscope-$2,500
Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis -$3,500
Dayspring Center-$7,500
Diabetic Youth Foundation of Indiana -$10,500
Dyslexia Institute of Indiana-$9,000
East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center -$13,000
Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church -$7,500
Edna Martin Christian Center -$10,000
Englishton ParkPresbyterian Ministries-$6,000
Entrepreneurial Ventures in Education-$35,000
Felege Hiywot Center-$10,000
First-Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church (2)-$32,960
First Samuel Missionary Baptist Church-$7,000
Flanner House-$11,500
Fletcher Place Community Center-$4,000
Footlite Musicals-$5,500
Forest Manor Multi-Service Center -$20,000
Freetown Village-$17,000
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana-$7,500
Girls Inc.-$10,000
Good News Mission-$6,500
Gorgeous Ladies Acting Maturely (G.L.A.M.) -$5,000
Great Commission Church of God -$11,50
Happy Hollow Children’s Camp -$18,500
Harrison Center for the Arts- $9,000
Hawthorne Social Service Association -$20,000
Health and Hospital Corp. -$5,000
Health and Science Innovations-$6,000
Hear Indiana-$7,500
Hemophilia of Indiana-$6,000
Indiana Amateur Baseball Association-$4,000
Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church-$3,000
Indiana Deaf Camps Foundation-$5,500
Indiana Golf Foundation -$6,000
Indiana Interfaith Hospitality Network -$3,500
Indiana Latino Institute-$5,000
Indiana Performing Arts Centre-$3,500
Indiana School for the Deaf -$5,000
Indiana Sports Corp.-$7,500
Indiana State Museum Foundation -$4,200
Indiana University Foundation -$7,500
Indianapolis Algebra Project -$33,000
Indianapolis Art Center -$10,000
Indianapolis Children’s Choir -$5,000
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Foundation-$7,500
Indianapolis Museum of Art -$5,000
Indianapolis Parks Foundation (5) -$35,000
Indianapolis Public Housing Agency-$20,000
Indianapolis Soap Box Derby Association-$4,000
Jackson Center for Conductive Education-$1,000
James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association (dba Riley Children’s Foundation) -$7,500
Jameson Camp -$18,000
John H. Boner Community Center -$8,500
Julian Center -$4,000
Just the Beginning Foundation -$3,000
Kaleidoscope Church and Community Partnership-$10,000
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful -$4,000
La Plaza (2)-$21,750
Lawrence United Methodist Church-$6,000
LifeBridge Community-$3,500
Lillian Davis Foundation-$4,176
Little Red Door Cancer Agency -$8,500
Lutheran Child & Family Services of Indiana-$8,500
Madame Walker Urban Life Center -$7,500
Marian University-$7,000
Marion County Commission on Youth-$7,500
Martin Luther King Multi Service Center -$8,000
Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center-$28,000
Metro Ministries-$8,500
Metropolitan School District of Perry Township-$7,000
Metropolitan School District of Pike Township -$7,250
Metropolitan School District of Washington Township -$6,000
Mission Indy-$4,000
Montessori Educational Charity -$6,500
Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church-$6,500
Muscular Dystrophy Association -$6,500
Music for All-$8,000
National Junior Tennis League of Indianapolis -$11,250
Net Literacy Corp. (dba Senior Connects Corp.)-$14,000
New Covenant Church & Ministries -$5,500
Noble of Indiana-$7,250
Northside New Era Community Outreach -$3,500
National Society of Hispanic MBAs Foundation -$5,000
Oaks Academy -$5,500
Oasis Christian Community Development Corp. -$7,000
100 Black Men of Indianapolis-$23,000
Pathway Resource Center -$6,000
Peace Learning Center-$14,000
People’s Burn Foundation of Indiana -$5,000
Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis -$10,000
Project SEED-$21,000
Promise Land Christian Community Church-$6,000
Purdue University -$7,280
Ruth Lilly Center for Health Education-$6,000
St. Florian Center -$25,000
St. John’s Community Care Services -$6,000
St. Richard’s School-$19,000
St. Vincent Hospital Foundation-$7,500
Salvation Army (3) -$14,000
Saturday Evening Post Society -$5,000
School on Wheels-$4,500
Shepherd Community (2)-$19,500
Social Health
Association of Indiana-$12,000
Southeast Community Services -$6,000
Speedway Baptist Church -$6,000
Speedway United Methodist Church-$4,000
Stacey Toran Foundation-$7,000
Storytelling Arts of Indiana-$4,000
Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Greater Indianapolis -$4,500
Trinity House Academy -$4,000
Urban Arts Consortium of Indianapolis -$5,000
VSA Indiana -$7,500
Westminster Neighborhood Ministries-$8,500
Writers’ Center of Indianapolis-$6,500
YMCA of Indianapolis (13)-$60,000
Young Audiences of Indiana -$20,000
Young Life Indianapolis Urban-$3,000
Youth Outdoor Exploration Academy-$7,500
Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church-$5,500

Capital grants were made to the following 35 organizations:
Art With a Heart-$6,300
Brightwood Community Center -$2,000
Butler University-$4,600
Catholic Charities Indianapolis-$7,500
Children’s Bureau -$20,000
Christamore House -$20,000
Christel House Academy-$20,000
Concord Center Association-$5,200
Diabetic Youth Foundation of Indiana -$15,000
Dyslexia Institute of Indiana-$7,600
East Tenth United Methodist Children and Youth Center-$22,527
Edna Martin Christian Center-$25,000
Englishton Park Presbyterian Ministries-$15,000
First Samuel Missionary Baptist Church -$25,000
Forest Manor Multi-Service Center -$8,200
Great Commission Church of God -$8,435
Happy Hollow Children’s Camp-$18,236
Hawthorn Social Service Association -$5,200
Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church -$3,193
Indiana Deaf Camps Foundation-$2,500
Indiana State Museum Foundation -$1,302
Indianapolis Art Center -$8,000
Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Foundation-$6,600
Jameson Camp-$18,271
Kaleidoscope Church and Community Partnership -$25,000
Marion County Commission on Youth-$14,727
Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center -$5,200
Montessori Educational Charity-$24,863
Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church-$25,000
New Covenant Church & Ministries -$23,245
Pathway Resource Center-$14,151
Peace Learning Center -$25,000
Speedway Baptist Church-$24,600
St. Richard’s School-$25,000
Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church-$19,709

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