Kresge Foundation Grants, December 2012

Kresge Foundation
Troy, Michigan
(248) 643-9630

Grants Announcement:  December 18, 2012

The following Grants are Part of Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes Initiative to reduce childhood lead poisoning in low income housing, by addressing the underlying causes of unhealthy homes.

Alameda County Community Development Agency, Oakland, Calif., $750,000 to correct problems in 120 housing units – including 50 occupied by children with asthma and 45 where children are exposed to lead.

St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, Los Angeles, $750,000 to train 25 new “community health promoters” each year for three years to collect data and promote home hazard remediation practices. It also will focus on multifamily rental buildings, especially those occupied by children with severe asthma.

Greensboro Housing Coalition, N.C., $750,000 to advocate for the need for decent and affordable housing for low- and moderate-income people and those with special needs. They will also provide green-jobs training for staff members working on healthy homes, communicate to families about lead, mold, pests and safety risks.

Omaha Community Foundation, Neb., $750,000 to train a coordinator to oversee all construction activities and train project partners, staff members, visiting nurses and community health workers on healthy home standards.

City of Newark, N.J., $50,000 for the city’s Department of Child and Family Well-Being to develop public health and environmental resources. They will also create an advocacy committee to educate tenants, landlords and real estate professionals about home hazards and healthy-homes programs.

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