Journalists Wanted to Explore Vulnerable Populations in California

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is funding a program that seeks to explore Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations, utilizing in-depth field reporting.

The foundation has invested $1 million to support a journalist or team of journalists full time over a one year period to explore an underrepresented population in the Los Angeles area.

The Hilton Foundation and NPR affiliate KCRW are working in partnership to support the work of journalists who seek to bring awareness to a specific social issue affecting Southern California.

The station is seeking experienced applicants to spend one year developing and producing a character driven story.

The request for proposal states “We’re seeking a story about the people in our region who are struggling to make it in society. Homelessness, drug addiction, foster care, the criminal justice system, and undocumented immigration are just a few examples of issues that could be explored. The story will tell us something new about what it means to struggle in Southern California today, through intimate, firsthand accounts bolstered by in-depth and well-researched reporting.”

Proposals should use more than one media platform such as audio, video, photography or transmedia. The final piece or pieces will reflect a year of full-time reporting and will be presented on the air as well as through online resources.

The program is open to all types of media journalists. Applicants do not need radio production experience to apply.

KCRW will host an online Q&A session on Wednesday, February 18 at 11AM PT to answer any questions on preparing applications and information about timelines. For more information go to

For general information on the request for proposal, click here.

Judith Fenlon is the Money & Business Editor for The Imprint.

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