Colorado Convenes Local and National Leaders For Pay For Success Conference

With pay for success projects on the rise across the country, the state of Colorado is bringing together state and national leaders to discuss how to best implement the model.

Chalkbeat Colorado, in cooperation with the Institute for Child Success, will be holding a statewide conference to discuss opportunities to leverage the model for early childhood programs in the state.

The conference will be held on December 9th in Denver. The keynote speaker is Ian Galloway, senior research associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. There will also be two panel discussions to talk about national and local pay for success projects – the successes, challenges and opportunities.

Panelists include:

  • Gloria Higgins, President, Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC)
  • Mike Johnston, Colorado State Senator
  • Judy Williams, Program Director, Early Learning Ventures
  • Jennifer Stedron, Consultant, Stedron Consulting, Inc.
  • Brenda Van Gorder, Director of Preschool Services, Granite School District, Utah
  • Bobbie Watson, Director, Early Childhood Council of Boulder County
  • Mary Wickersham, Director, Center for Education Policy Analysis, University of Colorado-Denver

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Judith Fenlon is Money & Business Editor for The Imprint.

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