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Mental Health Needs to be a Priority in Foster Care


Mental Health Needs to be Treated as a Priority in Foster Care

Trauma and mental illness seem to go hand in hand with foster care, writes Michael Fulcher.

Children's Mental Health
Pennsylvania Parents Sue State Over “Unconstitutional” Child Abuse Registry


Pennsylvania Parents Sue State Over “Unconstitutional” Child Abuse Registry

A group of parents and nonprofits is suing the Pennsylvania child welfare agency over its practice of placing people on a child abuse registry without a hearing.

Child Welfare
Kathy Hochul, left, will step in to serve as governor of New York now that Andrew Cuomo has resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations.


New York Allows Overnight Respite Care For Children, Despite “Shadow Foster Care” Concerns

The New York state child welfare agency has approved regulations authorizing families in times of crisis to place their children with “host family homes.”

Foster Care
Nancy Marie Spears


Nancy Marie Spears Wins Top Awards From Native American Journalism Association

Nancy Marie Spears, a Cherokee journalist and contributing reporter with The Imprint, received three awards from the Native American Journalists Association. Photo via Spears.
Journalist Nancy Marie Spears, a recent University of Oklahoma graduate and contributing reporter for The Imprint, has won top honors from the Native American Journalists Association.  



Social Work College Dean, a Foster Care Critic, Removed from His Post in Texas

University of Houston Professor Alan Dettlaff says his “abolish CPS” activism is the reason for his removal as dean.

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Federal Court Grants Christian Adoption Group in New York Tentative Permission to Continue Barring Same-Sex Couples

Judge Mae D’Agostino. Photo:
A federal judge in New York granted temporary reprieve last week to a Christian adoption agency, ruling that the organization could continue arranging adoptions while litigation proceeds over its faith-based refusal to place children with same-sex adoptive parents. 

Top Judge For New York City’s Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency Courts To Retire


Top Judge For New York City’s Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency Courts To Retire

New York City’s top family court judge Jeanette Ruiz is stepping down, following a six-year tenure heading one of the nation’s busiest family courts.


Foster Care’s Missing Policies For Sexual and Reproductive Health 

HIGH STAKES, SILENT SYSTEMS: An Imprint Investigation reveals a troubling lack of critical guidance and access to services.

Foster Care


Biden Administration Proposes Easing Foster Care Licensing Barriers for Relatives

The government wants to give states the option to allow relatives caring for children to receive the same financial help as foster parents.

Foster Care
Almost Everyone Agrees NY Should Double Pay for Attorneys for Parents and Kids. Will it Finally Make it into the Budget?


Prominent New York Court Official Fired on Eve of Testimony About Child Welfare Issues

Angela Burton has given impassioned speeches about how the system surveils and punishes poor families — particularly in Black communities.

Child Welfare