Youth Comments Needed for Federal Regulation on Disconnected Youth

By Amabelle Ocampo

Modern technology is allowing foster youth around the country to raise their voice and take part in financial decision making on the federal level.

The White House is calling for youth to help them determine the best ways to spend money to serve youth in need, by logging on to the Federal Register.

The President’s FY 2013 budget authorizes $130 million in existing discretionary Federal Resource to establish 13 “Performance Partnership Pilots” designed to improve outcomes for disconnected youth (18-24) who are unemployed or not currently pursuing an education.

“We want to hear from youth or those who work with youth in local districts to submit plans of action. Specific ideas on how programs can better coordinate their activities and services especially as you look across multiple systems including schools, child welfare, labor job training, juvenile justice and other areas,” said Diana Zarzuelo, a member of the The White House Domestic Policy Council, in a press release.

“This authorization allows states and local entities to blend federal funds through multiple funding sources and obtain waivers, such as for program design, performance, and other requirements, that could bring forth more effective uses of funding to serve disconnected youth.”

Young Americans can add their suggestions for ways to address issues surrounding disconnected youth by submit comments prior to July 5, 2012 at

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