This Week in Youth Services: Funding, News and Opinion on Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare

Busy week? No problem, we got you covered. Here is a rundown of all the funding leads, news, analysis and opinion pieces produced by The Imprint.

News, Opinion and Analysis

A victim of sexual exploitation shares five things youth-serving organizations should do to help youths leaving the street

Waterside Workshops is serving the toughest youth demo to reach, older teens with court involvement, with no government funding

A profile of Sokhom Mao, a former foster youth running for Oakland City Council

Ira Schwartz: Child welfare reform should focus less on service delivery model and more on risk assessment

See where your state ranks on child well-being indicators in the recent release of Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2014 Kids Count Data Book

California used to be a regular in the Kids Count top 20; now it is in the bottom ten for the third year in a row. What happened? Changes in well-being accounting at Casey.

Lexie Gruber, who advocated for improving education of foster youth in Conn., reflects on speaking for the silent

Money and Business

The House has passed an adoption incentives bill that also limits allowable long-term foster care, and requires states to track/report on failed adoption. Senate expected to act this summer

Expect federal funding for My Brother’s Keeper to become available soon through the Corporation for National and Community Service

The California-based Child Welfare Initiative, which assists providers with research and analysis on management, will now try its hand at direct service provision

The Department of Health and Human Services is getting unprecedented amounts of money to shelter unaccompanied minors. Will they find anyone willing to spend it?

With juvenile arrests and lockups plummeting, California continues to spend big on incarceration

This week’s funder profile: The Stone Foundation

Scaling up is fun and exiciting; finding reliable revenue to sustain it, not so much

NYC Adoption attorneys: Congressional deal on adoption incentives should also take on subsidies fraud

Funding Leads


Maryland: Federal funding for one grant to improve health services in Baltimore

Kansas: Contract available to manage the state’s adoption exchange

Texas: Early childhood intervention services in nine counties


Funding from the Labor Department for two, potentially five-year job centers serving youths with disabilities

Small grants for projects aimed at child abuse prevention available from Redwoods Group Foundation

Funds available from Cathay Bank Foundation for financial literacy, mentoring and homeless services

National funding lead: Money available from the Department of Health and Human Services to help serve trafficking victims. The RFP gives priority to youth programs.

National funding lead: Funding for dropout prevention and career training from Taco Bell for Teens.

Navigating the World of Corporate Philanthropy

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Contra Costa County's DA plans task force with eye on closing juvenile hall, expanding community alternatives #juvenilejustice

BREAKING: House introduces major #childwelfare COVID-19 bill that would require some states to prevent aging out of #fostercare, and take all #FamilyFirst Act prevention costs off of state