Children’s Rights Looking for Stories of Foster Youths

Children’s Rights, a New York-based advocacy group best known for its use of class-action litigation to push child welfare reform, is looking for foster youths who are interested in sharing their experiences as part of a public awareness campaign.

The campaign centers on a website that will aim to highlight the ways foster care affects people’s lives. The site will feature a fresh blog post each day of May from someone personally involved in child welfare.

Following are details from Children’s Rights:

Participants should feel free to be creative in their approaches to posts. As a guide to get bloggers thinking of what they may like to say, they can consider the theme of the project:

How did going through foster care affect your life? Based on your experience, do you think foster care should change?

Bloggers may also want to address questions like: What is your best and/or worst memory of foster care? Who influenced you while you were in foster care? What would you say to other kids going through foster care? But bloggers shouldn’t feel limited to these subjects. Entries can cover a range of experiences, a slice of life, or anything in between.

Interested people should submit blog posts of, at most, 750 words, as well as high-resolution photos of themselves. Participants are also free to submit their stories in the form of a high-resolution video. Posts may be edited for length and clarity and submitting a post does not guarantee it will be used.

Entries are being accepted immediately, and will be considered through April 26.

If you are interested in sharing your story, or learning more about the public awareness campaign, please contact Lauren Kidd Ferguson at

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