Latonia vs. Chisago County

An African American Woman’s Four-Year Fight for Her Grandson

Born into Turmoil

Tavon Rolbiecki was born exposed to multiple drugs and alcohol. While relatives stepped up to take him home, he ended up in Chisago County foster care.

Endorsed, Then Ignored

Latonia Rolbiecki became a licensed foster parent, favored by an independent expert as the right person to raise Tavon. That didn’t persuade Chisago County.

The Trial for Tavon

An eight-day hearing would determine if Chisago County unjustly kept Latonia Rolbiecki from her grandson – and if it was too late to make things right.

The Appeals Court Looks for Answers

A three-judge panel pressed for answers on why it took until March of 2019 to conduct an evidentiary hearing on the placement of Tavon.

Appeals Court Rules System Did Not Violate Law

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has ruled against Latonia Rolbiecki, saying that Chisago County acted within the law in keeping her grandson in foster care.