Top Stories of 2019: A Memorable Year for State Juvenile Justice Reform

We’re counting down 10 of the biggest stories The Imprint published in 2019. Each day, we’ll connect readers with a few links to our coverage on a big story from this past year.

2018 ended with the long-sought reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, the federal law that trades formula grants for adherence to certain federal standards. 2019 saw several interesting developments on the state level, including another “Raise the Age” state.

Lead Read

Politicians and advocates are both encouraged by the first year of Raise The Age in New York.

Also Read

Michigan has raised the age of its juvenile justice system to include 17-year-olds, leaving just three states that consider 17-year-olds to be adults in all cases – Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin.

California is rethinking the function of its state juvenile justice agency. Meanwhile, San Francisco has closed its only juvenile facility, and Los Angeles is moving away from probation and toward diversion.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation expanded its ever-growing juvenile justice system reform to include efforts at changing the size and strategy of juvenile probation.

The inventor of a promising take on community conferencing has been given a “Genius Award” by the MacArthur Foundation.

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"The exposed natural gas lines in a child’s bedroom constituted serious hazards to the children’s health and safety."

The @HHSGov inspector general recommends using Medicaid records to review mandated child abuse reporting. The details of the report suggest otherwise #childwelfare