Cycle of Systems – Interrupted

Join Youth Voices Rising as we explore the connections between foster care and domestic violence. Our panelists will discuss how vulnerable foster youth can be exposed to violent partners after care and how this could lead to the possible removal of their children, creating a cycle within the foster care system. Panelists will discuss ways […]

Post-Adoption Support

What happens after the adoption decree is signed? Hear from adoptive families what resources they’ve found, what more they need and how they’re faring.

Redefining Holidays: How to Navigate Triggering Times

Youth Voices Rising will offer tips and advice to foster youth as the winter holidays approach, often stirring up difficult memories and feelings. Come learn some methods to find community and empower yourself and others. Panelists will also offer advice to caregivers and social workers on ways to help youth through these difficult times, such […]

Positive Relationships with Social Workers and Caregivers

Join Youth Voices Rising as we explore best practices for social workers, foster youth and resource parents to cultivate positive relationships. Our panelists will discuss techniques social workers can use to build rapport with youth, how youth and caregivers can cope with social workers having high caseloads and limited time, and how trauma can make […]