College Ready, Career Prepared

Join Fostering Families Today and their expert panel of former foster youth to discuss "College Ready, Career Prepared," their new guide to postsecondary education for youth in care.

Safe Space When There’s No Safe Place: Tips from Youth Who Faced Maltreatment

This discussion will explore the difficult topic of maltreatment amongst youth who have experienced foster care. Young people from Los Angeles County will share their experiences of maltreatment at various levels and provide social workers, advocates and other mandated reporters best practices to identify maltreatment at home and school. This event is sponsored by iFoster.

Battling Bias: How Homophobia Impacts LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care

This "safe space" discussion is for foster youth who are members of the LBGTQ+ community and wish to speak about their experiences of homophobia within the system. Panelists will speak candidly about how they were treated, and will provide advice to other foster youth as well as offer tips on how we can create a […]

Stability Now! Getting Proactive About The Child Welfare Workforce

Turnover and workforce capacity have long been a challenge in the world of child welfare. The Covid-19 pandemic and overall disruptions in the employment sector have taken these issues from challenge to full-blown crisis in many parts of the country. Salaries are an important part of the conversation, but not the only factor. This online […]

Fostering Youth Transitions: New York Foster Youth Break Their Silence!

This webinar will explore the goals and concerns of transition-age youth who were in foster care in New York. Panelists who all have lived experience will share their issues, concerns and the supportive factors that played a role in their development while in foster care. Panelists will discuss whether their goals were met, what programs […]

Tough Conversations: Race & Foster Care

Talking about race isn’t an easy conversation to have, even for adults. Talking about transracial foster care or adoption is a conversation fraught with historical wrongs. Are children done a disservice when placed with families of another race? But with so many kids in need of a safe place, what alternatives, if any, are there? […]

Pack to the Future: Backpack Giveaway

3417 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018-3235, United States 3417 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Youth Voice will be hosting a backpack giveaway event for high school and college-age foster youth. Individuals can check their eligibility and register to receive a bag here.